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When Kennedy Stern’s childhood pastor asks her to volunteer at his new pregnancy cente​r, she carves time out of her rigorous college schedule to promote ...


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​Kennedy Stern has returned to campus after surviving an abduction, but old scars cut deep. Vivid flashbacks and terrifying dreams paralyze her, threatening to ruin ...


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Kennedy Stern and her best friend drag themselves away from their grueling studies to enjoy a night off campus, but getting pulled over by a belligerent cop  ...


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A teenage boy begging God to make him straight. An evangelical father refusing to accept his son is gay. A college sophomore who could never ...


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Kennedy can hardly wait to take a break from her studies for some much-needed rest and relaxation at her roommate's homestead in rural Alaska. Unfortunately ...

The Beloved Daughter

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In a small North Korean village, a young girl struggles to survive. It is her father's faith that most threatens Chug-Cha's well-being, not the famine that ...​

Slave Again

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 traded in her prison uniform for shackles of a different kind. After escaping a North Korean prison camp, Mee-Kyong is hustled over the border and sold ...

Torn Asunder

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Hannah and Simon are ready to return home and carry the gospel to the people of North Korea. In this world of spies, secret police, and informants ...

Flower Swallow

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When Woong's hunger drives him to steal the fancy meal set out by his superstitious mother, he invokes a shaman's curse. Soon afterwards, a flood ...​

Road to Danger

Five mystery/suspense novels from some of today's best-selling Christian authors. Includes my first Alaska-based romantic suspense novel Identity Theft.



A collection of eight novels from best-selling Christian authors. Free for a limited time.