A global epidemic ...

a hospital lockdown ...

and a college student whose faith is about to be stretched to its breaking point.

Isolated in an emergency room quarrantine during a global epidemic, Kennedy can only guess if she will survive ... or succomb to the deadly threat confronting her.

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Best-selling Christian suspense from award-winning novelist Alana Terry 

Christian Suspense Novelist

Award-Winning Inspirational Suspense Novelist Alana Terry

"You've never seen the world like this ..."

Alana Terry is a pastor's wife, homeschooling mom, self-diagnosed chicken lady, and Christian suspense author. Her novels have won awards from Women of Faith, Book Club Network, Grace Awards, Readers' Favorite, and more. 

Alana's passion for social justice, human rights, and religious freedom shines through her writing, and her books are known for raising tough questions without preaching. 

She and her family live in rural Alaska where the northern lights in the winter and midnight sun in the summer make hauling water, surviving the annual mosquito apocalypse, and cleaning goat stalls in negative forty degrees worth every second. 

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What others say about Alana's award-winning Christian novels

"Alana Terry has a true gift of getting to honest places of a believer's heart. I love that she is not afraid to deal with tough issues all Christians deal with." 

~ Kit Hackett, YWAM Missionary

"It is evident that God is using the author’s use of fiction and adventure and writing of suspense to open dialogue about topics that people are afraid to talk to others about."

~ Cheri Swalwell, The Book Club Network

"​Alana Terry is one of the few authors that doesn't create a bad book. Her stories are crafted with a lot of insight and tackle issues most authors wouldn't dream of touching." 

~ Sheila McIntyre, Cozy Christian Cafe

"Alana is a master storyteller, and I can’t imagine anyone failing to be captivated by her writing."

~ Brad Francis, The Savvy Demon's Guide to Godly Living 

“​I love Alana Terry 's books because they deal with real issues in a non-judgmental way. The books are full of suspense and they give you much food for thought." 

~ Nicole R, Avid Reader

Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense

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